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TC32-TG20 - High Rate Short Range Wireless Communication

Scope - Programme of work - TC32

Upcoming meetings

9 January 2008, teleconference on 60 GHz
21 24 January 2008 in Jeju Island, Korea
30 January 2008, teleconference on 60 GHz
6 February 2008, teleconference on 60 GHz
13 February 2008, teleconference on 60 GHz
20 February 2008, teleconference on 60 GHz
25 29 February 2008 in Arizona, USA
7 11 April 2008 in Switzerland
19 - 23 May 2008


Wireless high rate short range communication in the unlicensed 60 GHz band.

TG20 is developing a standard for a 60 GHz PHY and MAC for short range unlicensed communications. The standard will provide high rate Wireless Personal Area Network (including Point-to-Point) transport for both bulk data transfer and multimedia streaming.

TG20 is merging multiple proposals, first presented during the 30 January 2007 to 1 February 2007 meeting into a standard for applications requiring simple and/or advanced devices. Ecma released the following message to mark the start of the 60 GHz project.

TG20 is discussing issues such as single carrier vs. OFDM, MAC control protocols, directional antenna beam forming, and device discovery. The high interest of TG20 in WPAN applications was clear from the contributions and following discussions on the use of directional antennas to the dynamically form a WPAN.

TG20 has defined three device types ranging from high end devices with steerable antennas to low end devices for cost effective, short range, gigabit solutions. TG20 is also considering multiple protocol adaptation layers above the MAC layer.

TG20 is currently working to review and complete the draft standard that will result in the publication of the 1st edition PHY and MAC layers 60GHz Wireless Network Standard.

High Rate UWB

A second edition of the UWB standards, expected to be published in December 2007, will add:

  • Detect and Avoid (DAA) mitigation techniques to enhance coexistence between UWB and other services such as WiMax.
  • A new band group to provide a common worldwide for roaming devices.

Presentation on High Rate - Ultra Wide Band (UWB) Background

Ecma publishes first UWB standards


Future subjects

2nd Generation UWB


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