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TC47 - Near Field Communications

Scope - Programme of work

Upcoming meetings

  • 10-12 February 2015 in Tokyo (Japan)


Harmonisation with ISO/IEC 14443

TC47 is actively participating with ISO/IEC JTC 1/SC06 and to harmonise SC06’s NFC standards 18092 (NFCIP-1), 21481 (NFCIP-2) and 22536 (NFCIP-1 RF tests) with SC17’s ISO/IEC 14443 standards.

Close Capacitive Coupling Communication, publication submitted

The 2011 December General Assembly approved the 1st edition of the CCCC PHY standard which has been approved as ISO/IEC 17982, also see the CCCC Explanatory leaflet. TC47 is drafting a CCCC Media Access layer.

Open-NFC invitation for comments

Ecma invites experts from ISO/IEC JTC 1/SC 06, SC 17, SC 27 and SC 31, ETSI/SCP and the NFC forum to review and provide comments on publications. In addition to comments on published documents the above are also invited to provide advance comments on final drafts that are candidates for submission to JTC 1’s fast-track approval procedure, after experts register here, they are able to issue, discuss their technical comments using this procedure. For any other editorial corrections, comments and suggestions please use the contact form at the top of this page.

Visible Light Communication

See the Short Distance Visible Light Communication (SDVLC) Whitepaper, ECMA-397 and presentation; SDVLC is also approved as ISO/IEC 17417.

NFC-SEC(urity) standards

Ecma published the NFC Security "Protocol and Services" and the "Cryptography Standard using ECDH and AES", see also the NFC-SEC whitepaper and presentation. ISO/IEC published the standards as ISO/IEC 13157-1 and -2.

Memory-Spot White Paper

The 2.4 GHz solution for rapidly accessing large amounts of data called Memory Spot Interface and Protocol (MSIP-1) is ECMA-391, see the Memory-Spot White Paper.

NFC Presentation and White Paper

TC47 started working on the signalling interface and protocols for low cost, closely coupled wireless Consumer Electronic (CE) devices in September 2002, click here for a presentation of the concepts.

TC47 explored the application area of NFC in the NFC White Paper: report (pdf).

NFC Standards

See the protocol arrangement for the NFC subjects.
National bodies approved the Near Field Communication Interface and Protocol (NFCIP-1) standard ECMA-340 under ISO/IEC JTC 1 fast track approval as ISO/IEC 18092, see also press-release. In June 2005 ETSI endorsed ECMA-340 2nd edition as EN 302 190 1.1.1.

The December 2003 GA published NFCIP-2 as ECMA-352 and ISO/IEC JTC 1 adopted it as ISO/IEC 21481. In September 2009, the SC 06/WG 1 on harmonisation added a PICC mode to the existing PCD mode of 14443 in a draft for consideration by SC 06.

NFCIP Test Standards

TC47 is drafting a test standard for NFCIP-2.

The June 2004 GA published NFCIP-1 - RF Interface Test Methods as ECMA-356, consult for test setups.

The December 2004 GA published NFCIP-1 - Protocol test methods as ECMA-362, which complements ECMA-356. ISO/IEC JTC 1/SC06 is currently harmonising the RF Interface Test standard ISO/IEC 22536 with ISO/IEC 10373-6.

NFC Wired Interface

TC47 developed a simple two-wire interface, that connects a (NFC) Radio Frequency front-end and a transceiver, as ECMA-373 (ISO/IEC 28361); and the complementary Front End Configuration (NFC-FEC) Standard as ECMA-390 which JTC 1 approved for publication as ISO/IEC 16353.


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