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TC48 - High Rate Wireless Communications

Scope - Programme of work

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Wireless high rate communication in the unlicensed 60 GHz band.

Following implementation feedback, TC48 has streamled the 2nd edition of ECMA-387 High Rate 60 GHz PHY, MAC and HDMI PAL for short range unlicensed communications, see white paper and presentation. The Standard provides high rate Wireless Personal Area Network (including Point-to-Point) transport for both bulk data transfer and multimedia streaming.

ISO and IEC published the 1st edition of ECMA-387 as ISO/IEC 13156:2009.

Open 60 GHz review

Ecma invites experts to review the 2nd edition 60 GHz PHY and MAC standard and to provide comments. After registration, the experts are welcome to issue technical comments.

MAC and PHY for Operation in TV White Space

ECMA-392 specifies a medium access control (MAC) sub-layer and a physical (PHY) layer for personal/portable cognitive wireless networks operating in TV bands. This Standard also specifies a MUX sublayer for higher layer protocols and a number of incumbent protection mechanisms which may be used to meet regulatory requirements.

Ecma submitted ECMA-392  to JTC 1’s fast-track adoption procedure in June 2010.

High Rate UWB

The third editions of the UWB standards which enhance support for Bluetooth protocols were adopted in December 2008 and submitted to ISO/IEC JTC 1’s fast-track adoption procedure. These standards were published as ISO/IEC 26907 and 26908 in November 2009.

In addition, following the 2-month circulation for comments in JTC 1/Sub-committee 06, the assigned number registration procedure standard in ECMA-381 has also been adopted under JTC 1’s fast-track adoption procedure as ISO/IEC 13560 to enable Ecma International to serve as the ISO/IEC registration authority of assigned numbers for UWB implementers.

Presentation on High Rate - Ultra Wide Band (UWB) Background


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