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TC53 - Smart Wearable Systems and Sensor-based Devices

Scope - Programme of work - Activities


Internet of Things (IoT) is becoming a reality, and with it, the appearance of small intelligent devices linked together by large data networks to data centers collecting and analyzing “big data”. A sizable category of such intelligent devices are in form of so called wearables.

Wearable sensor-based systems can comprise various types of small sensors, transmission modules and processing capabilities, and can thus capture various information ranging from monitoring of bodily activities to blood pressure, body temperature and heart rate in wearable devices, and external temperature, humidity, atmospheric pressure, location, and even altitude in small intelligent devices.

The work of TC53 intends not to use patents or if so then only royalty free patents.  To aid in achieving that objective, this TC is operating under the Royalty-Free Patent Policy which is available here.

Programme of work:

  1. To define requirements for the needed interfaces and protocols based on use cases.
  2. To establish communication with user communities and other standardization bodies to harmonize and ensure interoperability (e. g. JTC 1/SC 41, IEC TC124, ITU-T SG20, W3C, etc.).
  3. To continue to develop relevant pre-standardization material on wearable technologies.
  4. To study the impact on privacy and data security.
  5. To launch specific TGs as the need arises.
  6. Standardization activities that would lead to an ECMAScript-based wearables platform and extensions to ECMAScript.
  7. To study existing standardization work on the definition of formats of sensor data for general data interchange.

Learning about TC53:

An introduction to TC53 “Smart wearable systems and sensor-based devices” by Peter Hoddie, Chair of TC53 is available here.

An outline of a white paper on ECMAScript/JavaScript on wearables being developed by TC53 can be found here.


Peter Hoddie (Moddable Tech)

Jory Burson (Bocoup)

Patrick Luthi (Ecma International)

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