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Ecma Technical Reports

An index of Ecma technical reports is also available.

This list also contains - if relevant and available - the previous editions of the respective Ecma Technical Reports. When a new edition of an Ecma Technical Report is issued, the old editions are automatically withdrawn (unless otherwise stated). The withdrawn Technical Reports are listed here.

In the third column of the table below you will find:
- the ISO/IEC equivalent to the Ecma Technical Report which can be downloaded as freely available document from ISO/IEC Link to non-Ecma site. Ecma is not responsible for the contents of the site. . Those ISO/IEC documents which are not freely available are marked with an *.
- the ETSI equivalent deliverables to the Ecma Technical Report which can be downloaded as limitedly freely available publication from ETSI Link to non-Ecma site. Ecma is not responsible for the contents of the site..

Ecma TR Technical Report's Description ISO/IEC and/or ETSI Number
ECMA TR/18 The Meaning of Conformance to Standards (September 1983)  
ECMA TR/27 Method for the Prediction of Installation Noise Levels, 2nd edition (June 1995)  
ECMA TR/36 Guidelines on Additional Parameters Recommended for Procurement Specifications for 12,7 mm Magnetic Tapes (December 1986)  
ECMA TR/46 Security in Open Systems - A Security Framework (July 1988)  
ECMA TR/53 Handling of Bi-directional Texts, 2nd edition (June 1992)  
ECMA TR/55 Reference Model for Frameworks of Software Engineering Environments, 3rd edition (June 1993)  
ECMA TR/57 Private Integrated Services Networks, 2nd edition (June 1999) ETSI EG 201 463
ECMA TR/58 Databases and Networking (June 1992)  
ECMA TR/59 Object-Oriented Databases (June 1992)  
ECMA TR/61 User Interface Taxonomy (June 1992)  
ECMA TR/62 Product Noise Emission of Computer and Business Equipment (June 1993)  
ECMA TR/64 Secure Information Processing versus the Context of Product Evaluation (December 1993)  
ECMA TR/66 Mapping of PCTE to the Ecma/NIST Frameworks Reference Model (June 1994)  
ECMA TR/67 Compendium of PTN Management Services (December 1994) ETSI ETR 245
ECMA TR/68 Scenarios for Computer Supported Telecommunications Applications (CSTA) Phase II (December 1994)  
ECMA TR/69 Reference Model for Project Support Environments (December 1994)  
ECMA TR/70 Ecma Product-related Environmental Declaration. Ecma harmonised ECMA TR/70 3rd edition with the IT-ECO declaration into ECMA-370.  
ECMA TR/71 DVD Read-Only Disk - File System Specifications (February 1998)  
ECMA TR/72 Glossary of Definitions and Terminology for Computer Supported Telecommunications Applications (CSTA) Phase III, 3rd edition (June 2000) ISO/IEC TR 18053
ECMA TR/73 H.323 / B-ISDN Signalling Interoperability (December 1998)  
ECMA TR/74 A Guide to the Application of the EMC Directive to ITE (June 1999)  
ECMA TR/75 Corporate Telecommunication Networks (CN) - Standardization Plan, 2nd edition (June 2000) ETSI EG 201 017
ECMA TR/76 Private Integrated Services Networks (PISN) - Architecture and Scenarios for Private Integrated Services Networking (December 1999) ISO/IEC TR 14475
ECMA TR/77 Telephony System with Integrated Internet Access - Overview (December 1999)  
ECMA TR/78 Ecma Protection Profile - E-COFC Public Business Class (December 1999)  
ECMA TR/79 Private Integrated Services Networks (PISN) - Wireless Terminal Mobility (WTM) - WTM between networks - Requirements (February 2000)  
ECMA TR/80 Migrating to CSTA Phase III (June 2000)  
ECMA TR/81 Interoperation of PISNs with IP Networks (September 2000) ISO/IEC TR 21890
ETSI TR 101 913
ECMA TR/82 Scenarios for Computer Supported Telecommunications Applications (CSTA) Phase III, 2nd edition (June 2009)  
ECMA TR/83 One Standard - One Test, Supplier's Declaration of Conformity (11SDoC) - Scorecard objectives and concept (June 2001)  
ECMA TR/84 Common Language Infrastructure (CLI) - Information Derived from Partition IV XML File, 6th edition (June 2012) ISO/IEC TR
ECMA TR/85 Using ECMA-323 (CSTA XML) in a Voice Browser Environment (December 2002) ISO/IEC TR 18057
ETSI TR 102 171

ECMA TR/86 Corporate Telecommunication Networks - User Identification in a SIP/QSIG Environment (December 2003) ETSI EG 202 303
ECMA TR/87 Using CSTA for SIP Phone User Agents (uaCSTA) (June 2004) ISO/IEC
TR 22767
ETSI TR 102 348
ECMA TR/88 Designing an Object Model for ECMA-269 (CSTA) (June 2004)  
ECMA TR/90 Session Management, Event Notification, and Computing Function Services - Amendments for ECMA-348 (December 2005)  
ECMA TR/91 Enterprise Communication in Next Generation Corporate Networks (NGCN) involving Public Next Generation Networks (NGN) (December 2005) ISO/IEC
TR 26905
ETSI TR 102 478
ECMA TR/92 Corporate Telecommunication Networks – Mobility for Enterprise Communications, 2nd edition (December 2010) ISO/IEC
TR 26927
ETSI TR 102 477
ECMA TR/93 Measuring Emissions from Modules (December 2007)  
ECMA TR/94 Assessment of the Human Exposure to Electromagnetic Fields for Low Power Electronic and Electrical Apparatus according to EN 50371:2002 (December 2007)  
ECMA TR/95 Next Generation Corporate Networks (NGCN) - General (June 2008)

ISO/IEC TR 12860
ETSI TR 102 633

ECMA TR/96 Next Generation Corporate Networks (NGCN) - Identification and Routing (June 2008) ISO/IEC TR 12861
ETSI TR 102 634
ECMA TR/97 Guide for Assessment of Human Exposure to Electromagnetic Fields from Multimedia Products in accordance with IEC/EN 62311 (June 2009)  
ECMA TR/98 JPEG File Interchange Format (JFIF) (June 2009)  
ECMA TR/99 Constant Sound Power Fan Curves for Small Air-moving Devices, 2nd edition (December 2010)  
ECMA TR/100 Next Generation Corporate Networks (NGCN) - Security of Session-based Communications (December 2009) ISO/IEC TR 16166
ECMA TR/101 Next Generation Corporate Networks (NGCN) - Emergency Calls, 2nd edition (December 2010) ISO/IEC TR 16167
ECMA TR/102 Personal Networks – Overview and Standardization Needs (December 2010)  
ECMA TR/103 Business Trunking - NGCN-NGN Interfaces Implementation Guide (June 2011) ETSI TR 183 069
ECMA TR/104 ECMAScript® Test Suite, 2nd edition (December 2016)  
ECMA TR/105 A Shaped Noise File Representative of Speech (December 2012)  
ECMA TR/106 Guidance and Comparison between 60950-1 and 62368-1 (February 2013)  
ECMA TR/107 An optional alternate background noise correction sensitive to the steadiness of background noise, 3rd edition (December 2017)  
ECMA TR/108 Proposal of new parameters, T-TNR and T-PR for total evaluation of multiple tones (June 2019)  


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