Statement regarding standardization activities with organizations added to the U.S. Export Administration Regulations (EAR) Entity List

Geneva, 4 February 2020

Ecma International (Ecma), an international standardization association based in Switzerland, develops publicly available and openly licensed standards and technology. Ecma’s purpose is to develop open standards and to publish them free of charge. Any legal entity having an interest in Information Technology (ICT) and Consumer Electronics (CE) standardization work can become a member of Ecma.

Technology or software made available in connection with Ecma’s standardization and other activities is published, and made available to the public without restrictions, such as through unlimited distribution at a meeting accessible to the public or through public dissemination in any form.

Contributions (including patent bearing technology) made by Ecma members are accessible on a member server and are disseminated to the Ecma membership and interested parties without restrictions.

Information contained in Ecma contributions, documents, meeting minutes, and emails distributed at Ecma meetings, by Ecma email distribution lists, or on the Ecma online platform is made available to the Ecma members and other interested parties through Ecma’s membership without restrictions and is submitted within a process intended to result in open publications or presentations.

All work done by members in the different technical committees (TC) and resulting in standards and technical reports that are published, is publicly available and accessible for free without any restrictions.

Under the U.S. Export Administration Regulations (EAR) and export control regulations of other jurisdictions, technology and software made available in connection with its standardization and other activities are generally exempted from licensing or other regulatory requirements, as such technology and software is published and made available to the public without restrictions. Certain controlled encryption technology or software may however still be subject to US export controls, even if publicly available.

Ecma members, contributors or other participants are responsible for ensuring that their activity within the frame of Ecma comply with all the applicable laws and that none of their contributions include controlled software or technology or other information that is subject to export control regulations. All contributions, meetings, exchanges, discussions, or any form of other communication in or outside Ecma are of the accountability, integrity and responsibility of each member, contributor or participant.

Ecma members, contributors or other participants with questions regarding the impact of laws and regulations on their participation in Ecma standardization activities should contact their own legal counsels.