Ecma TC53 seminar on a Modern Approach to Embedded Software

Tokyo, 11 December 2019

Embedded software development is at a crossroads. Traditional development techniques that have worked so well for decades are now stretched beyond their limits by the demands of the Internet of Things. Many embedded systems creators are looking for new solutions, but there is a lack of acceptable options. On one hand, Linux and other de-facto standard systems, appeal to software developers but are often prohibitively expensive to deploy in products. On the other hand, silicon manufacturers and independent software developers offer innovative software libraries for low-cost hardware, but these are too often short-lived proprietary solutions limited to a single silicon family.

The Tokyo seminar introduced the growing trend of building Internet of Things products in JavaScript (ECMAScript). Attendees learned about the current state of the art in developing embedded systems with JavaScript, how it helps them create better products, and how they can begin evaluating that within their organization today.

The seminar featured presentations by members of the committee defining the standard and individuals with real-world experience developing embedded systems using JavaScript.

  • Patrick Luthi. Ecma Secretary General and Secretary of Technical Committee TC53 on ECMAScript Modules for Embedded Systems [presentation]
  • Peter Hoddie. Chair of TC53 on ECMAScript Modules for Embedded Systems, CEO and Co-founder of Moddable [presentation]
  • Takashi Uehara. CEO of Japan Digital Design exploring the impact of IoT technology on Financial Technology (FinTech) [presentation]
  • Shinya Ishikawa. Independent software developer, author, and maker using embedded JavaScript [presentation]
  • Patrick Soquet. Architect of XS, the most advanced JavaScript engine for embedded systems [text and slides]
  • Lizzie Prader. Co-founder of Moddable and leading developer of touchscreen user interfaces for embedded systems [presentation]

For more information: please contact Patrick Luthi, Secretary General of Ecma International at