1997 ECMAScript Archives

Ecma General Assembly Documents

ECMA/GA/97/36 Submission of TC39/97/28
ECMA/GA/97/63 Minutes of the 73rd General Assembly (excerpt)

TC39 Documents

ECMA/TC39/97/1 ECMAScript Language Specification, Version 0.3
ECMA/TC39/97/2 Selecting a new name to replace “ECMAScript” (Mr. Wiltamuth)
ECMA/TC39/97/3 Native JScript Object Types (Mr. Wiltamuth)
ECMA/TC39/97/4 Feedback for ECMAScript Language Specification, Version 0.2 (Mr. Noorda)
ECMA/TC39/97/5 1/15 Working group notes
ECMA/TC39/97/6 Minutes of SC22/JSG (Java Study Group) meeting, January 1997
ECMA/TC39/97/7 Minutes of TC39 2nd meeting, January 1997, Cupertino
ECMA/TC39/97/8 1/24 ECMAScript working group notes (Mr. Wiltamuth)
ECMA/TC39/97/9 Notes from the 1/31 working group meeting (Mr. Wiltamuth)
ECMA/TC39/97/10 Notes from the 2/11 conference call (Mr. Wiltamuth)
ECMA/TC39/97/11 ECMAScript Language Specification, Version 0.9
ECMA/TC39/97/12 Notes from the 2/28 working group meeting (Mr. Wiltamuth)
ECMA/TC39/97/13 Venue for the 3rd meeting, Cupertino, March 1997
ECMA/TC39/97/14 Agenda for the 3rd meeting
ECMA/TC39/97/15 Notes from the 2/14 working group meeting (Mr. Wiltamuth)
ECMA/TC39/97/16A ECMAScript Language Specification, Version 0.11, (clean copy)
ECMA/TC39/97/16B ECMAScript Language Specification, Version 0.11 (with revision marks)
ECMA/TC39/97/17A ECMAScript Language Specification, Version 0.12 (clean copy)
ECMA/TC39/97/17B ECMAScript Language Specification, Version 0.12 (with revision marks)
ECMA/TC39/97/18 Minutes of the 3rd Meeting of TC39, March 18-19, 1997
ECMA/TC39/97/19 ECMAScript dates (Mr. Katzenberger)
ECMA/TC39/97/20 Design proposals for ECMAScript 2 (Microsoft)
ECMA/TC39/97/21 ECMAScript Language Specification, Version 0.14
ECMA/TC39/97/22 ECMAScript Language Specification, Version 0.16
ECMA/TC39/97/23 ECMAScript Language Specification, Version 0.17
ECMA/TC39/97/24 Notes from the 3/14 working group meeting (Mr. Wiltamuth)
ECMA/TC39/97/25 Notes from the 4/16 working group meeting (Mr. Wiltamuth)
ECMA/TC39/97/26 Notes from the 18th March 1997 TC39 technical meeting
ECMA/TC39/97/27 Chairman’s Report to the CC
ECMA/TC39/97/28 ECMAScript Language Specification, Version 0.18
ECMA/TC39/97/29 Agenda 4th meeting, Mountain View, July 1997
ECMA/TC39/97/30 Minutes of the 4th meeting, Mountain View
ECMA/TC39/97/31 CORBA Component Imperatives (not available as file)
ECMA/TC39/97/32 Proposal for ECMAScript v2 (Microsoft)
ECMA/TC39/97/33 Proposal for Conditional Compile Support in ECMAScript (Mr. Clinick)
ECMA/TC39/97/34 Built-in Buffer object (Mr. Turyn)
ECMA/TC39/97/35 Recommended Year 2000 Contract Language (Mr. Fisher)
ECMA/TC39/97/36 Presentation on Conformance testing (Mr. Fisher)
ECMA/TC39/97/37 Venue for the 5th meeting, Nice, September 1997
ECMA/TC39/97/38 Agenda for the 5th meeting, Nice, September 1997
ECMA/TC39/97/39 Minutes of the 5th meeting, Nice, September 1997
ECMA/TC39/97/40 Chairman’s report to the Co-ordinating Committee

These documents do not exist in the Ecma archives in either electronic or paper form.

Other Documents

97misc‑1 ES1 issue resolution history. (extracted from ECMA/TC39/97/23)
97misc‑2 JavaScript extension proposal list as of April 24, 1997. (extracted from ECMA/TC39/97/23)
97misc‑3 Gary Robinson’s IEEE Bulletin column JavaSript standardization (extracted from ECMA/GA/97/63)