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Ecma International approves new standards


Geneva, 26 June 2019

The 117th General Assembly held in Geneva on 26 June 2019 approved the following documents:

  • ECMA-74 16th edition – Measurement of Airborne Noise emitted by Information Technology and Telecommunications Equipment
  • ECMA-109 8th edition – Declared Noise Emission Values of Information Technology and Telecommunications Equipment
  • ECMA-119 4th edition – Volume and File Structure of CDROM for Information Interchange
  • ECMA-262 10th edition – ECMAScript® 2019 Language Specification
  • ECMA-370 6th edition – TED – ECO declaration logo
  • ECMA-402 6th edition – ECMAScript® 2019 Internationalization API Specification
  • ECMA-412 3rd edition – Framework for distributed real-time access systems
  • ECMA-417 2nd edition – Architecture for a distributed real-time access system
  • ECMA TR/108 1st edition – Proposal of new parameters, T-TNR and T-PR for total evaluation of multiple tones

For more information: please contact Dr. Istvan Sebestyen, Secretary General of Ecma International. Email: