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Ecma TC39 (ECMAScript) has formally now a new Task Group (TG2)


Geneva, 30 April 2019

In the March 2019 New York TC39 meeting TC39 has been slightly reorganized.

In TC39 the following formal reorganization has taken place, which has de-facto no effect on how the work has been done so far:

Ecma TC39 has two task groups:

  • TC39-TG1  —  General ECMAScript® Language (basically the old TC39 RFTG unchanged…)
  • TC39-TG2  —  ECMAScript® Internationalization API Specification (basically the old ECMA-402 Ad-Hoc Group…)

TC39-TG2 Scope

To assemble Standard ECMA-402, the ECMAScript® Internationalization API Specification. This Standard defines the application programming interface for ECMAScript objects that support programs that need to adapt to the linguistic and cultural conventions used by different human languages and countries.

Programme of work:

  1. To identify, develop, and recommend to TC39 additions and modifications to ECMA-402 that are consistent with the direction of ECMA-402 as described below:
    a. To provide a common library that promotes best practices for internationalization.
    b. To standardize internationalization behavior across all ECMAScript surfaces.
    c. To ensure that the ECMA-402 specification is correct and robust.
  2. To identify, develop, and recommend to TC39 additions and modifications to ECMA-262 that are necessary for promoting best practices for internationalization.
  3. To develop polyfills and test suites that may be used to verify correct implementation of ECMA-402.
  4. To liaise with TC39 on the status of the Task Group’s progress on ongoing proposals and on other recommended modifications to ECMA-402.
  5. To liaise with other standards bodies, including the Unicode Consortium, to ensure that ECMA-402 remains consistent with industry standards for i18n.