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Ecma TC53 meets in Boston, USA with a new title and scope to more accurately reflect the focus of the technical committee


Geneva, 31 October 2019

TC53 will now be known as working on ECMAScript modules for embedded systems. The new title reflects use cases beyond wearables, in the consumer and industrial IoT application space.

TC53 is bringing the benefits of standard software APIs to embedded systems so creators of hardware products can benefit from the same rapid development and scalability long enjoyed by web developers. To achieve that, TC53 is focusing its efforts on ECMAScript, the programming language of the web. With over twenty years of use at global scale, ECMAScript has proven able to adapt to industry trends while delivering stable, compatible development across computers, servers, and mobile devices. Use of the ECMAScript programming language is now expanding beyond the web into embedded systems powered by resource-constrained devices including microcontrollers and single-board computers.

TC53 is studying ways to evolve the ECMAScript language to benefit embedded systems, for example with increased security and runtime efficiency, and is working with TC39 (the ECMAScript language TC) to incorporate these ideas into the language.

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