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Former Ecma President and friend of many, Mr. John Neumann passed away


Geneva, 29 January 2019

The Ecma Secretariat learned with great sadness that Mr. John Neumann, former President of Ecma, passed away in Georgia, USA on 28 January 2019.

John Neumann

John represented several Ecma members in Ecma during his long career, and he served as Ecma President during the years 2007-2008.

John also worked as an Hitachi consultant for developing DATA/DAT standard in ANSI X3B5 and Ecma TC17. Two DATA/DAT standards were created in 1990 and in 1992 respectively in Ecma and those standards became two ISO/IEC standards. Finally a total of 6 DATA/DAT Standards, 2 Ecma, 2 ANSI and 2 ISO/IEC Standards have been created until 1994.

Furthermore, he also served for many years as Chair of Ecma TC31 (Optical Disks and Disk Cartridges) and Chair of Ecma TC39 (ECMAScript / JavaScript).

John was not only a key figure and strong supporter in Ecma, but also in many other standards bodies, like ISO, JTC 1 and ANSI.

Ecma members will keep him in their memories as a good friend and excellent standardization expert and will certainly miss his wise advices and his good humor.

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