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Invitation to Ecma TC53 workshop in Cupertino, USA, on 6 December 2023


The future of embedded software

Geneva, 5 October 2023

Embedded software is critical to the many digital devices in our world. For decades, embedded software has been built using ad-hoc solutions often based on fragile, proprietary technologies. This approach has been stretched to the breaking point by the many demands of the Internet of Things. Standardization is the solution. Standardizing software interfaces, allows embedded software to reap the benefits of a rich ecosystem, as software development has achieved on the web, desktops, servers, and mobile.

Ecma International, a leading standards organization, has facilitated the development of many influential standards, including ECMAScript (aka JavaScript) programming language that powers the web. These standards have driven growth of markets, improvements in interoperability, and efficiencies in software development.

Ecma’s technical committee (TC53) works to bring the benefits of modern JavaScript to embedded systems software development. The committee has delivered a suite of standard APIs, ECMA-419 which is now in its 2nd Edition. These APIs are efficient, portable, and secure. Importantly, these standard APIs are vendor neutral, allowing silicon manufacturers, cloud service providers, sensor manufacturers, and independent software developers to collaborate with embedded system developers.

At the workshop, participants will discuss proposals and consider options for embedded JavaScript standardization including new APIs, interoperability, packaging, and Hardened JavaScript (aka Secure ECMAScript). You will learn about the current state of the art in developing embedded systems with JavaScript, how it helps you create better products, and how you can begin evaluating that within your organization today. You can help ensure the standard meets your products needs by participating in the workshop and joining Ecma International to contribute to its development.

The workshop is on 6 December 2023 at the Apple Park in Cupertino, USA and is kindly hosted by Apple. The workshop is open to Ecma members and non-members and is free to attend. However, seats are limited and logistics details will be available later.

For more information: please contact Patrick Luthi, Secretary of Ecma TC53 at