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Last results of the 99th General Assembly held in Tokyo, June 17, 2010


Tokyo, 17 June 2010

The 99th General Assembly held in Tokyo, June 17, 2010, approved the following documents:

  • ECMA-352 2nd edition – Near Field Communication Interface and Protocol -2 (NFCIP-2)
  • ECMA-379 3rd edition – Test Method for the Estimation of the Archival Lifetetime of Optical Media
  • ECMA-382 2nd edition – 120 mm (8,54 Gbytes per side) and 80 mm (2,66 Gbytes per side) DVD Recordable Disk for Dual Layer (DVD-R for DL)
  • ECMA-385 2nd edition – NFC-SEC: NFCIP-1 Security Services and Protocol
  • ECMA-386 2nd edition – NFC-SEC-01: NFC-SEC Cryptography Standard using ECDH and AES

Ecma International welcomes the following new members:

  • Brown University (NFP)
  • The Center For the Image (NFP)

For more information: please contact Dr. Istvan Sebestyen, Secretary General of Ecma International. Email: