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Loss of two Ecma friends and collaborators Mr. Francois Le Carvennec and Mr. Mike Deese


Geneva, 19 March 2013

We learned with regret that Mr. Francois Le Carvennec and Mr. Mike Deese have passed away.

Both of them have been excellent experts in several standardization fields, like in optical storage and lately in holographic storage standardization activities of Ecma.

We will keep them in our memories both as great technical experts but also as strong supporters of Ecma and good friends.

The following pictures were taken at the Social event of the December 2006 Ecma General Assembly in Zürich, Switzerland.

François Le Carvennec

Mr. François Le Carvennec (first from the right)


Mike Deese

Mr. Mike Deese (his obituary can be read here)

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