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Ecma International approves new standards


Geneva, 9 December 2020

The 120th General Assembly held as a virtual meeting on 9 December 2020 approved the following documents:

  • ECMA-109 10th edition – Declared Noise Emission Values of Information Technology and Telecommunications Equipment
  • ECMA-275-1 5th edition – Measurement of airborne noise emitted and structure-borne vibration induced by small air-moving devices — Part 1: Airborne noise measurement
  • ECMA-328-1 10th edition – Determination of Chemical Emission Rates from Electronic Equipment– Part 1 (using consumables)
  • ECMA-418-1 1st edition – Psychoacoustic metrics for ITT equipment – Part 1 (prominent discrete tones)
  • ECMA-418-2 1st edition – Psychoacoustic metrics for ITT equipment — Part 2 (models based on human perception)

For more information: please contact Patrick Luthi, Secretary General of Ecma International at