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On 17 June 2015, the 109th Ecma General Assembly approved new editions of Standards ECMA-370 and ECMA-400


Geneva, 8 September 2015

On 17 June 2015, the 109th Ecma General Assembly approved the Standards:

  • ECMA-370 5th edition – TED – ECO declaration logo
  • ECMA-400 3rd edition – Smart Data Centre Resource Monitoring and Control

ECMA-370 captures the environmental attributes and measures requested in most procurement tenders for ICT and CE products,  building on known regulations, standards, guidelines and currently accepted practices. The Standard is also applicable to products used as subassemblies, components, accessories and/or optional parts.

This 5th edition revises all sections to reflect the recent developments and separates, in the  declaration templates,  the legal requirements which are optimized for application in the European Union and the market requirements which are globally relevant. New guidance documents are provided for certain complex attributes (acoustic noise, energy efficiency, chemical substances or emissions).

ECMA-400 enables the management of the various components of a Smart Data Centre:  it models storage, computation, communication (ICT), electrical energy (or power) and cooling as Resources, organises the Resources in a graph, and specifies the semantics – but not the syntax – of Messages for commands, responses and events between the Management Function and the Resources. This 3rd edition introduces full alignment with ISO/IEC 19395:2015.