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PRESS RELEASE – Ecma International appoints Samina Husain to Secretary General


Samina Husain brings more than 25 years of business, engineering, and  partnership development to the Standards organization

GENEVA — 18 July 2023 Ecma International, a leading industry standards developing organization dedicated to the open standardization of information and communication systems, announced today that Samina Husain has been appointed to secretary general. Starting July 1 Samina Husain will build on Ecma’s current leadership in areas such as programming languages, Internationalization API, acoustics, and storage media. She is responsible for the overall management and representation of the organization to further progress its efficient operations, accelerate standardization efforts, and strengthen Ecma’s role as a key player within the international standardization systems for the Information and Communication Technology (ICT) and Consumer Electronics (CE) industries.

“As the ICT and CE industries see continued growth in new technologies, standardization is critical to reducing complexity, simplifying integration, and reducing the cost of deployment,” said Dr. Jochen Friedrich, president of Ecma International. “The future of Ecma’s standards development is bright with Samina joining our organization. Samina’s broad experience and strategic insights from working in the industry, complemented by market analysis, business strategy, and partner alliance expertise, will help to support the standardization needs of stakeholders and elevate our global visibility, outreach, and partnerships.”

For more than 25 years, Samina Husain has fostered business and relationship development throughout the consumer electronics, broadcast, satellite, and telecom industries. Prior to joining Ecma, Samina Husain was the managing director of a robotic kitchen innovator and dynamic startup. Samina Husain also held marketing, business development, and engineering roles at leading companies such as Siemens, Nortel Networks, SES Satellites, and more. She is currently the vice president of the IEEE Broadcast Technology Society and an executive committee member of the IEEE Women in Engineering. Samina Husain will bring her expertise in building trusted relationships, nurturing collaboration, and implementing go-to-market strategies to Ecma.

For more information: please contact Samina Husain, Secretary General of Ecma International at