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TC53 on Smart Wearable Systems and Sensor-Based Devices inaugural meeting


TC53 on Smart Wearable Systems and Sensor-Based Devices inaugural meeting

The inaugural face-to-face meeting of the new Smart Wearable Systems and Sensor-Based Devices Technical Committee (Ecma TC53) will be held October 15 and 16 2018 in Boston, Massachusetts, USA.

There are already many standards for Wearables and IoT, particularly in the area of communication. The goal of TC53 is not to create one more protocol or communication method. Instead, TC53 is currently focused on defining APIs for building products and applications using ECMAScript/JavaScript. JavaScript is the programming language of the internet, pervasive in web browsers, web servers, and mobile applications. As the internet becomes an integral part of wearables and the consumer electronics in our world, it is only natural that these devices also incorporate JavaScript. As the home of the ECMAScript/JavaScript language committee for nearly twenty years, Ecma International is uniquely qualified to host this initiative.

The meeting will focus on refining the scope of work for the initial standardization activities. There will be presentations by experts followed by committee discussion on a wide range of topics including sensors, energy management, ECMAScript/JavaScript on constrained systems, user experience, user privacy, device security, design validation, implementation conformance, and regulatory approval.

Te meeting is open to everyone interested in contributing to the mission of TC53 in Wearables and IoT — Ecma membership is not required. For more information and to register for the meeting, please click here.

An agenda for the meeting will be provided soon.

For more information: please contact Dr. Istvan Sebestyen, Secretary General of Ecma International. Email: