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6 bit input/output character code

1st edition, March 1963

The table in this standard presents a character set for general usage and includes letters, figures, punctuation marks, special symbols and controls, with their coded representations.

This coded character set may be used for the interchange of information among data processing systems and associated equipment. It may be regarded as a basic alphabet in the abstract sense.

This basic alphabet may be implemented in various media. For example, this could include transmission systems, punched tape and magnetic tape, and thus permit interchange of data to take place either indirectly by means of an intermediate recording in a continuous physical medium, or by local electrical connection of these various units (such as input and output devices and computers) or by means of data transmission equipment.

In the preparation of this character set, the requirements or graphics and controls in data handling and programming, in accordance with computer and ancillary equipment characteristics, have been taken into account.

This character set is the first of a family of sets. Higher-order sets will enlarge the repertoire for both” graphics” and” controls”.

The means of implementing this code for transmission, for recording on physical media, and taking into account the need for error checking will be the subject of future standards.

This code is not intended to be used as a punched cards standard.

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