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Rate adaptation for the support of synchronous and asynchronous equipment using the V. series type interface on a PCSN

2nd edition, July 1987

This ECMA Standard defines the rate adaptation method used by terminal adaptors operating in accordance with circuit switching or leased circuit services which support an asynchronous or synchronous V.-Series interface.

This Standard is based upon CCITT Rec. 1.463 (V.110), and uses the asynchronous-to-synchronous conversion technique described in CCITT Rec. V.22.

A major goal of this Standard is to achieve the maximum compatibility with CCITT Rec. 1.463.

This Standard specifies:

  • bit rate adaptation of asynchronous and synchronous user data,
  • end-to-end synchronization of entry to, and exit from, the data transfer phase,
  • provisions for network-independent clocking to allow the transfer of user data between two non-synchronized networks,
  • provisions for flow control between terminal adaptors to allow the connection of two asynchronous terminals running at different data rates,
  • provisions for performance monitoring.
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Technical CommitteeTC32


  • ECMA-102, 1st edition, September 1985Download