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Volume and file structure of disk cartridges for information interchange

2nd edition, June 1995

This Ecma Standard specifies the volume and file structure of disk cartridges for the interchange of information between users of information processing systems. It also specifies an optional record structure.

NOTE – All the descriptions (except those in annex B) of Flexible Disk Cartridges (FDC) can be applied to Optical Disk Cartridges (ODC) as well.

This Ecma Standard is applicable to various types of disk cartridges including those identified in clause 3, and other types which may be the subject of future International Standards.

This Ecma Standard specifies the location of files of information on an FDC and also specifies a set of recorded descriptors which identifies:

  • the files which may be interchanged;
  • the locations of the files;
  • the attributes of the files;
  • the location of unused space for recording on the FDC;
  • the location of defective recording space on the FDC;
  • the attributes of the FDC and of the descriptors recorded on it

This Ecma Standard also specifies requirements for the processes which are provided within information processing systems to enable information to be interchanged between different systems, utilizing recorded FDCs as the medium of interchange. For this purpose it specifies the functions within systems which are intended to originate or to receive FDCs which conform to this Ecma Standard.

This Ecma Standard provides a method for the allocation of space that is independent of the number of files which are recorded on the volume. It also enables the sizes of the recorded files to be expanded or contracted during processing, subject only to the availability of unused recording space when needed.

The content and organization of the files are not specified by this Ecma Standard and are subject to agreement between the originator and the recipient of the interchanged FDC.

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CategoryData presentation

SubcategoryLabelling, volume and file structure

Technical CommitteeTC15 (this TC is no longer active)

ISO/IEC number9293


  • ECMA-107, 1st edition, December 1985Download