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Domain specific part of network layer addresses

1st edition, June 1986

This ECMA Standard specifies a syntax and interpretation of the Domain Specific Part (DSP) of an ISO Network Layer address which may be used where heterogeneous equipment (i.e. equipment supplied by various vendors) is to be used to construct a private domain of the OSI network.

The Standard specifies:

  • A syntax of the DSP for use within a network addressing domain which is identified by an Initial Domain Part (IDP) in accordance with ISO 8348/DAD2. (This includes use with the local IDP formats).
  • The interpretation of the components of the DSP.

The syntax and semantics of the DSP, as described in this Standard, are required only when equipment comprising the private domain is of a heterogeneous nature. Usage of the DSP within a domain the equipment of which is homogeneous is not subject to standardization.

In particular, addresses for equipment within a private domain are assigned and controlled by the authority responsible for the administration of the domain. It is outside the scope of this Standard to restrict in any way the form of the address format which an end-system within a private domain may be assigned.

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