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Volume and file structure of CDROM for information interchange

4th edition, June 2019

This Standard specifies the volume and file structure of compact read only optical disks (CD-ROM) for the interchange of information between users of information processing systems.

This Standard specifies:

  • the attributes of the volume and the descriptors recorded on it;
  • the relationship among volumes of a volume set;
  • the placement of files;
  • the attributes of the files;
  • record structures intended for use in the input or output data streams of an application program when such data streams are required to be organized as sets of records;
  • three nested levels of medium interchange;
  • two nested levels of implementation;
  • requirements for the processes which are provided within information processing systems, to enable information to be interchanged between different systems, utilizing recorded CDROM as the medium of interchange; for this purpose it specifies the functions to be provided within systems which are intended to originate or receive CD-ROM which conform to this Standard.
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CategoryData presentation

SubcategoryLabelling, volume and file structure

Technical CommitteeTC31

ISO number9660


  • ECMA-119, 1st edition, December 1986Download
  • ECMA-119, 2nd edition, December 1987Download
  • ECMA-119, 3rd edition, December 2017Download