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MIDA, mailbox service description and mailbox access protocol specification

1st edition, July 1987

This ECMA Standard for a MIDA Mailbox Service Description and Mailbox Access Protocol Specification:

  • Defines, based on the Client-Server Model as defined in ECMA TR/42 Framework for Distributed Office Applications, operations to access the services provided by the Mailbox Server;
  • Specifies the Mailbox Access Protocol to support the above services and its mapping onto the underlying services;
  • Specifies the requirements for Conformance with the Mailbox Access Protocol.

The Mailbox Access Protocol defined in this Standard enables a User to use the Mailbox Server, but does not include service administration aspects. The administrative functions can be provided by using other Applications such as Directory.

The potential use by the Mailbox Servers of other standardized Applications is described in Appendix C to this Standard.

This Standard is for a Distributed Office Application located in the Application Layer of the Basic Reference Model of Open Systems Interconnection (see ISO 7498).

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