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Remote Procedure Call (RPC) using OSI

2nd edition, June 1990

The subject of this Standard ECMA-127 is Remote Procedure Call (RPC) for distributed applications, using the OSI standards ISO 8649, ISO 8650 (ACSE), ISO 8824, ISO 8825 (ASN.1), and ISO/IEC 9072 (ROSE).

This standard:

(a) defines the model of computation that is supported (see 6);

(b) defines an Interface Definition Notation (see 7);

(c) defines the RPC Service (see 8);

(d) defines the RPC Protocol (see 9);

(e) provides tutorial explanation and guidance (see Appendices).

This standard:

(f) is restricted to an interaction structure which is common to the procedure call constructs and data types of ISO programming languages;

(g) does not address the implementation of the RPC Service Provider using a connectionless transport and/or unreliable communication services.

(h) is restricted to those matters which relate to the use of existing OSI standards;

(i) does not include the architectural structure of support environments for RPC, or RPC programming language interfaces, and language bindings;

j) does not address security issues.

More comprehensive RPC standardization is left for future study in the context of the Reference Model of Open Distributed Processing currently under development in ISO/IEC JTC1/SC21 WG7 (see ECMA TR/49). This standard is intended as a first step by enabling existing OSI standards to be used for the interconnection of applications written in higher level programming languages.

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