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Document Printing Application (DPA)

1st edition, June 1990

This Standard ECMA-140 consists of two parts:

Part 1: Document Printing Application – Abstract-service Definitions and Procedures

Part 2: Document Printing Application – Protocol Specification

The Document Printing Application is one component of a coordinated set of facilities and standards needed to satisfy the printing requirements of the modern distributed office. Together, the capabilities provided can enable users to create and produce high-quality office documents in a consistent and unambiguous manner within a distributed open systems environment.

Specifically, this Standard addresses those aspects of document processing that enable users in a distributed open systems environment to send electronic documents to shared, possibly geographically- dispersed printers, and to cause the documents to be printed in accordance with their desires. For the purposes of this Standard, it is assumed that such documents have been composed in a form that is compatible with the destination printing system prior to their introduction to the Document Printing Application.

Other Standards deal with related aspects of document processing, such as the creation and formatting of electronic documents, and the underlying protocols used to transport electronic documents to a printing system. This Standard is aligned with these related Standards as appropriate, and shares some information in common with them. Clause 2 identifies those standards that are directly applicable to this one.

The Document Printing Application defined in this Standard is consistent with the model, architectural framework and design principles of the Distributed Office Applications Model (ISO DP10031-1). This Document Printing Application Standard defines services and specifies access protocols available within the application layer of the Reference Model (ISO 7498).

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