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Information interchange on 130 mm optical disk cartridges of the Write Once, Read Multiple (WORM) type, using the magneto-optical effect

2nd edition, June 1994

This Ecma Standard specifies:

  • definitions of the essential concepts;
  • the environment in which the characteristics are to be tested;
  • the environments in which the cartridge are to be operated and stored;
  • the mechanical, physical and dimensional characteristics of the case and of the optical disk;
  • the magneto-optical characteristics and the recording characteristics for initializing the disk once, for recording the information once, for reading it many times, so as to provide physical interchangeability between data processing systems;
  • the format for the physical disposition of the tracks and sectors, the error correction codes, the modulation method used for recording and the quality of the recorded signals.
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CategoryData interchange – optical disks and cartridges

SubcategoryOptical disks and cartridges

Technical CommitteeTC31

ISO/IEC number11560


  • ECMA-153, 1st editionNo file available