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Basic mode control procedures for data communication systems using the ECMA 7-bit code

2nd edition, June 1973

This document describes the standard implementation of the ECMA 7- bit input/output character code on Data Transmission Channels with provision for using other codes.

It also defines the standard:

  • structure of the coded characters,
  • formats of the transmitted messages,
  • exchange of Information Messages and Supervision Sequences,
  • error protection method.

This Standard covers the majority of existing Data Transmission Systems and network configurations used in conjunction with Data Processing systems. These control procedures deal with transmission over one Link at a time and do not necessarily describe the operation of Data Link’s in “tandem”. They relate to the class of control procedures which is known as the Basic Mode.

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Technical CommitteeTC9 (this TC is no longer active)


  • ECMA-16, 1st editionNo file available