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Volume and file structure for write-once and rewritable media using non-sequential recording for information interchange

3rd edition, June 1997

This Standard specifies a format and associated system requirements for volume and boot block recognition, volume structure, file structure and record structure for the interchange of information on media between users of information processing systems.

The media shall be recorded as if the recording of sectors may be done in any order.

NOTE – The medium is not restricted to being of one type; the type of medium may be either write once, or read only, or rewritable, or a combination of these types.

This Standard consists of the following five Parts:

  • Part 1: General
  • Part 2: Volume and Boot Block Recognition
  • Part 3: Volume Structure
  • Part 4: File Structure
  • Part 5: Record Structure
  • Annex A – ICB Strategies, is part of Part 4.

Part 1 specifies references, definitions, notation and basic structures that apply to the other four Parts.

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CategoryData presentation

SubcategoryLabelling, volume and file structure

Technical CommitteeTC15 (this TC is no longer active)

ISO/IEC number13346


  • ECMA-167, 1st edition, June 1992No file available
  • ECMA-167, 2nd edition, December 1994Download