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Uncertainty of measurement as applied to type approval of product

1st edition, December 1992

This Standard specifies requirements intended to ensure that measurement uncertainty is considered and applied in a uniform manner.

This Standard is applicable to:

  • Test Laboratories, who conduct type-tests in accordance with defined standards, and subsequently produce test reports, and
  • Certification Organisations, who use the type-test results as a basis for issuing a certificate of conformity, and
  • Standards Bodies who produce type-test standards and correspondingly define type-test.

The “Test Laboratories”, Certification Organisations and “Standards Bodies” may be:

  • first party suppliers, in a contract,
  • second parties purchasers, in a contract, or
  • third parties independent, of a contract.

NOTE 1 – As may be seen from the above description, there is a clear distinction made between the responsibilities of laboratories and certification organisations. This distinction is in accordance with the ISO/IEC Guides and EN 45000 series of standards.

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