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Information interchange on 300 mm optical disk cartridges of the Write Once, Read Multiple (WORM) type using the CCS method

1st edition, June 1993

This Ecma Standard specifies the characteristics of 300 mm optical disk cartridges (ODC) of the WORM type providing for embossed information and for data to be written once and read multiple times using the Continuous Composite Servo (CCS) tracking method.

It specifies

  • the conditions for conformance testing and the reference drive;
  • the mechanical and physical characteristics of the cartridge, so as to provide mechanical interchangeability between data processing systems;
  • the format of the information on the disk, both embossed and user-written;
  • the characteristics of the embossed information on the disk;
  • the optical characteristics of the disk, enabling processing systems to write data onto the disk;
  • the minimum quality of user-written data on the disk, enabling data processing systems to read data from the disk.

Together with the standard for Volume and File Structure, this Standard provides for full data interchange between data processing systems. Interchange involves the ability to write and read data without introducing any error.

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CategoryData interchange – optical disks and cartridges

SubcategoryOptical disks and cartridges

Technical CommitteeTC31

ISO/IEC number13403