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Protocol for Computer Supported Telecommunications Applications (CSTA) Phase II

1st edition, December 1994

This Standard specifies application protocol data units (APDUs) for the services described in Standard ECMA-217, Services for Computer Supported Telecommunications Applications (CSTA) Phase II. The field of application of this Standard is the interconnection of switches and computers in a private telecommunications environment.

Phase II of CSTA extends the range of features offered by CSTA Phase I.

Section II (clause 5 to clause 7 inclusive) describes the concepts underlying the Remote Operations model, notation and service.

Section III (clause 8 to clause 19 inclusive) contains CSTA-specific protocol details and forms the main part of this Standard.

Further information on CSTA is also available.

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CategoryData communication – CSTA


Technical CommitteeTC32


  • ECMA-218, 1st edition, December 1994 (Word version)Download