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Private Integrated Services Network (PISN) - Specification, functional model and information flows - Transit counter additional network feature (ANF-TCSD)

2nd edition, June 1997

ANF-TC is an additional network feature which limits the number of network exchanges that a call request may transit during call establishment, e.g. to protect the network against indefinite looping. There is no user involved in the provision or operation of ANF-TC.

Additional network feature specifications are produced in three stages, according to the method described in ETS 300 387. This Standard contains the stage 1 and stage 2 specifications of ANF-TC. The stage 1 specification (clause 6) specifies the general feature principles and capabilities. The stage 2 specification (clause 7) identifies the functional entities involved in the feature and the information flows between them.

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CategoryData communication – PISN


Technical CommitteeTC32

ISO/IEC number15055

ETSI numberEN 301 047


  • ECMA-224, 1st edition, June 1995Download