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Portable Common Tool Environment (PCTE) - IDL binding (Interface Definition Language)

2nd edition, December 1997

This Ecma Standard defines the standard binding of the Portable Common Tool Environment (PCTE), as specified in ECMA-149, to the CORBA Interface Definition Language (IDL) defined in ISO/IEC 14750.

A number of features are not completely defined in ECMA-149, some freedom being allowed to the implementer.  Some of these features are specified as implementation limits.  Some constraints are placed on these implementation limits by this IDL Binding Standard.  These constraints are specified in clause 24, Implementation Limits.

PCTE is an interface to a set of facilities that forms the basis for constructing environments supporting systems engineering projects. These facilities are designed particularly to provide an infrastructure for programs which may be part of such environments.  Such programs, which are used as aids to systems development, are often referred to as tools.

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CategorySoftware engineering and interfaces


Technical CommitteeTC33 (this TC is no longer active)

ISO/IEC number13719-4


  • ECMA-230, 1st edition, October 1995Download