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Code independent information transfer (an extension to the basic mode transmission control procedures)

1st edition, December 1969

This Standard defines the means by which a Data Communication System operating according to the Basic Mode Procedures defined in the Standard ECMA-16 can transfer texts without code restrictions.

This Standard extends Phase 3 (Information Transfer) as defined in the Standard ECMA-16 (para. 2.3.1). It also describes other uses of the DLE character than that described in the Standard ECMA-16 (page 7). Phase 2 (Establishment of Data Link) and Phase 4 (Termination) are not affected by this Standard.

The procedures described allow for information messages with format and error protection in accordance with ECMA-6 and ECMA-16 to alternate with code independent information messages.

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Technical CommitteeTC9 (this TC is no longer active)