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Private Integrated Services Network (PISN) - Specification, functional model and information flows - Private User Mobility (PUM) - Registration supplementary service (PUMRSD)

3rd edition, December 2001

This Standard specifies the Supplementary Service (SS) Private User Mobility Registration (PUMR), which is applicable to various basic services supported by Private Integrated Services Networks (PISN). Basic services are specified in ECMA-142.

SS-PUMR is a supplementary service that enables a PUM user to register at, or de-register from, any wired or wireless terminal within the PISN. The ability to register at different wired and wireless terminals in the PISN at different times enables the PUM user to maintain the provided services (including the ability to make and receive calls) at different access points.

Supplementary service specifications are produced in three stages, according to the method described in ITU-T Rec. I.130. This Standard contains the stage 1 and stage 2 specifications of SS-PUMR. The stage 1 specification (clause 6) specifies the general feature principles and capabilities. The stage 2 specification (clause 7) identifies the Functional Entities involved in the supplementary service and the information flows between them.

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CategoryData communication – PISN


Technical CommitteeTC32

ISO/IEC number17875

ETSI numberEN 301 822


  • ECMA-281, 1st edition, December 1998Download
  • ECMA-281, 2nd edition, June 2000Download