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ASN.1 for Computer Supported Telecommunications Applications (CSTA) phase III

4th edition, December 2011

This Standard specifies application protocol data units (APDUs) for the services described in ECMA-269.

Clause 5 to clause 7 inclusive describes the concepts underlying the Remote Operations model, notation and service.
Clause 8 to clause 27 inclusive contains CSTA-specific protocol details and forms the main part of this Standard.

The protocol in this Standard operates in the context of an application association.

This Standard inherits LocationInfo from ECMA-269. Since most of the ASN.1 compilers cannot resolve the type “any”, as used in ECMA-323 for LocationInfo, a distinct implementation from the required RFC 4119 has been made.

Further information on the CSTA topic is also available.

The file “ECMA-285, 4th edition, December 2011,” contains the following files:

  • older asn1-source – contains the ASN.1 source files derived from ECMA-285, 4th edition, that can be used with many industry compilers.
  • acse_user_info_csta.asn1 – This file specifies the “CSTAFunctionality” parameter type that is defined in ECMA-218 (CSTA Phase II Protocol). It needs be compiled with the above file (see 8.2.2 in ECMA-285).
  • rose94.asn1 – This file specifies the Remote Operations ASN.1 definitions. It may be required by come compilers that do not provide the Remote Operations definitions automatically.
  • readme.txt – This file contains the above description.

Note: depending upon the compiler used, two duplicate tags can be expected (Reject, ACSEUserInformationForCSTA). These are normal and should not affect the compiled output.

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CategoryData communication – CSTA


Technical CommitteeTC32

ISO/IEC number18052


  • ECMA-285, 1st edition, December 1998Download
  • ECMA-285, 2nd edition, June 2000Download
  • ECMA-285, 3rd edition, December 2010Download


  • ECMA-285, 4th edition, December 2011, Download