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Conversational information transfer (an extension of the basic mode control procedures for data communication systems)

1st edition, September 1971

This Standard is an optional extension of Standard ECMA-16 on Basic Mode Control Procedure for Data Communication Systems.

This means that:

  • Those systems which conform to Standard ECMA-16 do not necessarily have to include the functions in the following Standard.
  • Those systems implementing the functions described hereafter must comply with the present Standard to conform to Standard ECMA-16 on Basic Mode Control Procedures.

This Standard defines a Conversational Information Transfer as an extension to the Basic Mode Control Procedures for Data Communication Systems using Information Transfer either 7-bit coded or code independent. This Standard refers only to those classes of systems using acknowledgements, i.e. ACK and NAK.

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Technical CommitteeTC9 (this TC is no longer active)