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OCR-B sub-sets for numeric applications

2nd edition, March 1976

The Standard specifies the OCR-B characters to be used for the following applications:

A. Single-Line documents with a restricted repertoire.

B. Journal Tapes.

Due account has been taken of the distinguisability of characters as well as of system and semantic needs. The provision of two sets is made necessary by the differing requirements of the two applications. All the characters in the set for Single Line Documents, with the exception of the PRE-PRINTED LONG VERTICAL MARK, are included in the set for Journal Tape. This Standard does not specify the printed image, nor does it specify the printing quality for interchange applications. These are defined by the Standards ECMA-11 and ECMA-15, respectively.

The positioning of the characters is specified in Standard ECMA-18 for Single Line Documents and in Standard ECMA-21 for Journal Tape.

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Technical CommitteeTC4 (this TC is no longer active)


  • ECMA-30, 1st edition, September 1971Download