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Corporate telecommunication networks - Signalling interworking between QSIG and H.323 - Generic functional protocol for the support of supplementary services

1st edition, June 2000

This Standard specifies signalling interworking between “QSIG” and “H.323” in support of generic functional procedures for supplementary services within a Corporate telecommunication Network (CN).

“QSIG” is a signalling protocol that operates at the Q reference point between Private Integrated Services eXchanges (PINX) within a Private Integrated Services Network (PISN). The Q reference point is defined in ECMA-133. A PISN provides circuit-switched basic services and supplementary services to its users. QSIG is specified in other Ecma Standards, in particular ECMA-143 (call control in support of basic services), ECMA-165 (generic functional protocol for the support of supplementary services) and a number of standards specifying individual supplementary services.

“H.323” is a set of signalling protocols for the support of voice or multimedia communication within a packet network, in particular a packet network that uses the Internet Protocol (IP) as its network layer protocol (IP network). H.323 signalling protocols operate between endpoints in an IP network, either indirectly via one or more gatekeepers, or directly. An endpoint can be a terminal or a gateway to another network. H.323 is an “umbrella” recommendation, referring to various ITU-T recommendations, in particular Recommendations H.225.0 and H.245 (basic communication capabilities) and Recommendation H.450.1 (generic functional protocol for the support of supplementary services).

NOTE – H.450.1 applies to the 1998 version of H.323 (also known as H.323 version 2) and to later versions.

Interworking between QSIG and H.323 permits a call originating at a user of a PISN to terminate at a user of an IP network, or a call originating at a user of an IP network to terminate at a user of a PISN. In addition this Standard enables the participants of a call to exchange supplementary service control information in a generic way. The more specific aspects of interworking particular supplementary services are specified in other Ecma Standards.

This Standard is applicable to any interworking unit that can act as a gateway between a PISN employing QSIG and an IP network employing H.323.

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CategoryData communication

SubcategoryCorporate telecommunication network

Technical CommitteeTC32

ISO/IEC number21409

ETSI numberTS 101 905