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Private Integrated Services Network (PISN) – Use of QSIG for Message Centre Access (MCA) profile standard

1st edition, June 2003

This Profile Standard specifies the combination of base standards, together with the selection of appropriate options and parameter values, necessary to specify how QSIG / PSS1 can be used for Message Centre Access (MCA) procedures.

This Standard identifies the necessary or optional employment of particular functions, procedures and services for

  • a Calling User to deposit messages for a Served User at a Message Centre,
  • a Served User to monitor the Served User’s Mailbox for new messages,
  • a Served User to browse through the messages saved in the Served User’s Mailbox,
  • a Served User to retrieve the messages saved in the Served User’s Mailbox and
  • a Served User to get connected to the Originator of a message or any other destination.
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CategoryData communication – PISN


Technical CommitteeTC32

ISO/IEC number20115

ETSI numberTS 102 253