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Character code structure and extension techniques

6th edition, December 1994

This Standard specifies the structure of 8-bit codes and 7-bit codes which provide for the coding of character sets. The code elements used in the structure are common to both the 8-bit and 7-bit codes. The codes use a variety of techniques for extending the capabilities of elementary 8-bit and 7-bit codes. Greater emphasis is given to 8-bit codes in this edition of the Standard than in previous editions because they are now more widely used.

The use of common elements in the 8-bit and 7-bit code structure enables any specific conforming 8-bit code to be transformed into an equivalent 7-bit code, and vice versa, in a simple and direct fashion.

Standard ECMA-43 conforms to the 8-bit code structure specified here, and Standard ECMA-6 conforms to the 7-bit code structure specified here.

The sixth edition of this Standard is fully identical with International Standard ISO/IEC 2022:1994.

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CategoryData presentation

SubcategoryCharacter sets and coding

Technical CommitteeTC1 (this TC is no longer active)

ISO/IEC number2022


  • ECMA-35, 1st edition, December 1971Download
  • ECMA-35, 2nd edition, January 1980Download
  • ECMA-35, 3rd edition, January 1982Download
  • ECMA-35, 4th edition, March 1985Download
  • ECMA-35, 5th edition, June 1993No file available