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Application session services

1st edition, June 2004

The services defined in this Standard are used to establish and maintain a relationship between an application and a server for the purpose of exchanging application messages. For the purpose of this Standard this relationship is called an application session.

Some application protocols, like ECMA-323 for example, require that a relationship such as this be established before application messages are exchanged. ECMA-269 specifies several mechanisms for establishing an application context. One possible mechanism is ACSE (ISO/IEC 8649) – but since ASCE uses ASN.1 encoding for its services, it is not desirable for use with XML based protocols such as ECMA-323.

This Standard provides an XML-based option for establishing an application session for protocols such as ECMA-323.

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CategoryData communication – CSTA


Technical CommitteeTC32

ISO/IEC number22534

ETSI numberTS 102 344


  • ECMA-354, 1st edition, June 2004, XML schema sourcesDownload