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High rate ultra wideband PHY and MAC standard

3rd edition, December 2008

This Standard specifies a distributed medium access control (MAC) sublayer and a physical layer (PHY) for wireless networks.

Taken together, the PHY and MAC specified in this Ecma standard are well-suited to high rate, zero infrastructure communications between a mixed population of portable and fixed electronic devices.

This Ecma specification is not intended to represent the regulatory requirements of any country or region.

ECMA-368 uses Specifier IDs that are maintained in this Register.

ECMA-368 specifies Regulatory Domains that are maintained in this Register.

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CategoryWireless proximity systems

SubcategoryHigh rate wireless communication

Technical CommitteeTC48 (this TC is no longer active)

ISO/IEC number26907

ETSI numberTS 102 455


  • ECMA-368, 1st edition, December 2005Download
  • ECMA-368, 2nd edition, December 2007Download