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Data migration method for BD recordable and BD rewritable disks

4th edition, June 2022

This Ecma Standard specifies the data migration method which can sustain the recorded data on BD recordable and BD rewritable disks for long-term data preservation.

This Ecma Standard includes:

  • a data migration method of BD recordable and BD rewritable disks for long-tern data preservation;
  • test methods for an initial performance test and a periodic performance test, including ambient condition, test area, test interval, test drive, test preparation, and test execution; and
  • test result evaluation in the initial performance test and the periodic performance test.
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CategoryData interchange – optical disks and cartridges

SubcategoryOptical disks and cartridges

Technical CommitteeTC31


  • ECMA-413, 1st edition, June 2016Download
  • ECMA-413, 2nd edition, June 2017Download
  • ECMA-413, 3rd edition, December 2018Download