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Implementation of the ECMA 7-bit and 8-bit coded character sets on punched cards

1st edition, September 1975

The present Standard defines the implementation of the ECMA Coded Character Sets, which are the subject of the following Standards:

ECMA-6: defines a set of 128 characters and their coded representation using 7 bits.

ECMA-35: defines the techniques to be utilized in order to enlarge the repertoire of the standard character set of ECMA-6.

ECMA- 43: defines a set of 256 characters and their coded representation using 8 bits.

This Standard specifies the representation of 7-bit combinations and 8-bit combinations on 12-row punched cards.

This representation is derived from, and compatible with the code known as “Hollerith Code”. It will ensure compatibility with a large proportion of existing punched card files.

It does not specify any redundancy nor does it define techniques for error control.

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