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Data interchange on 6,30 mm magnetic tape cartridge (63 bpmm, phase encoded)

1st edition, March 1976

To set a standard for a 6,30 mm magnetic tape cartridge to provide data interchange and physical interchangeability between information processing systems utilizing the ECMA 7-bit Coded Character Set (ECMA-6), its extensions (ECMA-35) and/or the ECMA 8-Bit Coded Character Set (ECMA-43).

The cartridge is of the twin hub coplanar type, loaded with a 6,30 mm wide magnetic tape for digital recording using the 63 bits per mm phase encoding method. The tape is transported between hubs by an internal belt capstan to the external drive. No tape driving or positioning sensing elements penetrate the cartridge.

The direction of magnetization is in the longitudinal direction of the tape.

The Standard applies to cartridges used for data interchange. Where it applies for testing only, this is specifically stated.

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