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Transport protocol

3rd edition, March 1985

This ECMA Standard specifies

i) five classes of procedures

Class 0 : Simple class,
Class 1 : Basic error recovery class,
Class 2 : Multiplexing class,
Class 3 : Error recovery and multiplexing class,
Class 4 : Error detection and recovery class,

for the connection-oriented transfer of data and control information from one transport entity to a peer transport entity;

ii) the means of negotiating the class of procedures to be used by the transport entities;

iii) the structure and encoding of the transport protocol data units used for the transfer of data and control information.

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SubcategoryNot Available

Technical CommitteeTC24 (this TC is no longer active)


  • ECMA-72, 1st edition, January 1981Download
  • ECMA-72, 2nd editionNo file available