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1st edition, January 1982

This Standard ECMA-75 is one of a set of Standard for Open Systems Interconnection. Open System Interconnection standards are intended to facilitate homogeneous interconnection between heterogeneous information processing systems. The standard is within the framework for the co-ordination of standards for Open Systems Interconnection which is defined by ISO/DP 7498.

This ECMA standard is based on the practical experience of ECMA member companies world-wide, and on the results of their active participation in the current work of ISO, the CCITT and national standards bodies in Europe and the USA. It represents a pragmatic and widely based consensus.

A particular emphasis of this standard is to specify the homogeneous externally visible and verifiable characteristics needed for interconnection compatibility, while avoiding unnecessary constraints upon and changes to the heterogeneous internal design and implementation of the information processing system to be interconnected.

In the interests of rapid and effective standardization, the standard is oriented towards urgent and well understood needs. It is intended to be capable of modular extension to cover future developments in technology and needs.


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